Solaii Project


We are dedicated to:

The Hatch International Solaii team’s goal is to distribute solar lamps and empower women by helping them start their own social enterprises, which will increase the economic potential of their community, while also reducing the environmental and human health hazards of kerosene lighting.

We are:

A team of young professionals versed in many disciplines with a common passion to aid underserved populations in India and eventually the world.

Our initiative will:

  • Reduce environmental and human health hazards associated with the Particulate Matter (PM) released from kerosene lamps.

  • Reduce the amount of time that women must walk to obtain kerosene and firewood supplies, thereby allowing more time in their day for education, work, and other activities.

  • Start by providing lighting to a significant portion of the estimated 70% of the rural areas in India that do not have access to light and then expand to other need-driven areas of the world.

  • Create a sense of confidence and empowerment to yield long-term success among women.

Our goal:

To touch the lives of residents in more than 30 villages by our second year, and have international presence by our fifth year and save more than 76.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. We plan to empower more than 10,000 local women champions (LWCs) to start their own social enterprises by educating them to take their business-in-a-bag to neighboring villages and nearly double their annual household income. We will partner with corporate companies, banks, NGOs, and MFIs to help spread our multi-functional lamps. We will work with the talented engineers, economists, and entrepreneurs at Hatch to reach our goals and to spread our solar lamp model across the other social enterprises under the Hatch umbrella by leveraging their established networks. Specifically, we will collaborate with Hatch’s BioD Team and Bandha Bikes. We will then leverage our own network to address the growing concern of access to clean and potable water in India in our sixth year by consulting Hatch’s health scientists and environmental scientists.

You can help by:

  • Providing your technical expertise for technology development or by contributing your knowledge of international development and business development for stronger implementation models.

  • Funding ideas and resources for raw materials, initial capital, and travel.

  • Donating to the Solaii project.


We welcome your ideas! Please contact Chandni Shah ([email protected]).