Sciencebase – By David Bradely author of Deceived wisdom

BoingBoing - Maggie Koerth-Baker’s amazing repository of science

Why evolution is true - Jerry Coyne tries to stem the tide of Creationism

Through the looking glass – Alice Bell writing about Science and tech in the media and pop culture

Plant cell biology – Anne Osterrieder’s world of plant science

How plants work – exploring the inner workings of plants

Annals of Botany – plant science

Communicate Science – Eoin Lettice news and views from the world of science, with a particularly Irish slant.

Improbable science – David Colquhoun’s scientific observations

Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science - Ben’s science isn’t bad – he talks about some of the ways we are deceived by the press into believing crazy ‘scientific’ claims

Watts up with that - Anthony Watts on science, the weather, global warming etc.

Wired Magazine’s science blogs


Top Science blogs on Twitter

The Guardian’s science blog

The Guardian’s History of Science blog

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