October 10, 2016

Honey Facts and Figures

There is more to honey than just a tasty sweet treat to spread on toast.

Here you will find lots of information on exactly why humans have found honey so enticing for thousands of years and why an increasing number of people are taking up beekeeping. What could be better than harvesting honey from your own bees.

How Honey Bees Make Honey Everyone knows that honey bees make honey, but most are unaware of exactly how they produce this liquid gold.

Why does Honey Granulate or Crystallise? Many people when their runny golden honey turns thick, semi-solid and opaque become concerned that the product has gone off or in some way it is past its use by date.

How to Avoid Honey  Crystallisation Although honey crystallisation is a natural process as  a beekeeper you do not want to help initiate this process before you have had the chance to bottle and sell your honey.

What makes Tupelo Honey Special? Tupelo honey is highly sought after and is considered to be a premium honey due to its purity and relative scarcity.